Welcome On Board, CFL-Cargo


Press release

Welcome On Board, CFL-Cargo

CFL-Cargo is joining the Predge customer base by implementing Predge Rolling Stock for predictive operation and maintenance. CFL-Cargo operates cargo lines from the Gothenburg harbor to many destinations in Sweden with their current fleet of 130 railway carriages. They are a logistic service provider in 6 European countries and offer conventional rail freight, wagon maintenance and repairs, customs clearance, and forwarding and logistic services.

Predge Rolling Stock will support CFL’s long-term goal to provide sustainable logistics with high availability, reliability, top-tier safety, efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs. An essential parameter in that direction is to keep track of the condition of the vehicles fleet and predict failures to avoid unwanted stops, and increase the proportion of preventive maintenance actions to keep the vehicle fleet rolling. Welcome on board, CFL-Cargo!

“We are striving to be best-in-class in a competitive logistics market. One crucial step is to minimize the number of stops in track by moving from reactive to preventive maintenance for our fleet. We are excited to continue this work together with Predge.” Mikael Nyman, CFL-Cargo Sverige

“We are proud to be a part of CFL-cargo’s digital transformation and journey towards increased efficiency, safety, and reliability. This is a clear signal that our solutions are suitable for both large and small operators in rail transport.” Simo Pykälistö, CEO at Predge