Mats Jonsson

Business Area Manager Scandinavia and Europe

Univ. College Degree
+46 703 280 100

About Mats

Mr. Mats Jonsson has a background in managing industrial projects with a special focus on development projects supporting the steel industry’s transition to new, sustainable solutions. He most recently comes from one of Sweden’s largest consulting firms, where he worked as Partner Ambassador for upper Norrland and Project Delivery Manager with responsibility for strategic development of the firm’s project processes. Don’t be surprised if you meet Mats at a lake catching fish with his self-made English fish floats.

Gets motivated by…

I am driven by finding new solutions and striving for continuous improvement. What I enjoy most about our work is that we analyze our clients’ needs in-depth and find solutions that help improve and develop their business.

The best thing about living in Luleå is that…

The world is making a major shift to new, more efficient and sustainable solutions. The north of Sweden is taking a leading role in that change and Luleå is a hub at the center of that work. Living here will give you a unique opportunity to become part of that important transition.