Simo Pykälistö steps in as the new CEO

Simo Pykälistö steps in as the new CEO

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Simo Pykälistö steps in as the new CEO

The recruitment of Simo Pykälistö was completed in December 2021. Now he is stepping in as the new CEO of Predge and succeeding Bengt Jonsson, who will continue to work with business development within the company.

Simo most recently came from the role of Executive Vice President in Sectra AB and CEO of Sectra Communications AB. He was responsible for developing Sectra’s offering and services in cyber security.

Predge is in an intense acceleration phase and has signed several new customer agreements during the winter and recruited seven new employees, and more are on their way in.

“Simo has a long experience in running and leading software stores in an international environment. It will be exciting to follow Simo’s work to continue Predge’s expansion into new business. I would also like to thank Bengt for an excellent job having developed Predge from an early start-up company to a rapidly growing company within INDtech”, says Lars-Eric Aaro, Chairman of the Board, Predge AB.

“Since my first contact with Predge, I have seen the company’s development potential. It feels enjoyable and exciting to start the work and have the opportunity to interact with the whole team to achieve new success”, says Simo Pykälistö, CEO, Predge AB.

Contact information

Lars-Eric Aaro, Chairman of the Board
070 – 656 00 66

Simo Pykälistö, CEO, Predge AB
070 – 351 53 03