Increased effectiveness and safety for Kaunis Iron  

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Increased effectiveness and safety for Kaunis Iron

Predge has been working with Kaunis Iron since 2021 to enhance the efficiency and safety of its logistics chain through digitalization. By standardizing procedures, collecting data, and implementing predictive maintenance on their rail fleet in day-to-day operations, Predge has helped Kaunis Iron increase its transport volume, effectiveness, and safety. 

Simo Pykälistö, CEO of Predge AB, stated, “Our partnership with Kaunis Iron has been a success, and we’re dedicated to continuing our work with them to further optimize their logistics chain. Digitalization and predictive maintenance are the key in the logistics of the mining industry. By utilizing the latest technologies and procedures, companies can achieve significant improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and safety.” 

“The support we’ve received from Predge has been invaluable in modernizing our logistics chain. With the integration of predictive maintenance for wagon wheels and load distribution detection before the train leaves the terminal, we’ve seen a significant increase in our transport volume and overall effectiveness while also maintaining a high level of safety. We look forward to continued collaboration with Predge and further benefits from digitalization.”, Says Johan Lindmark, Siter Manager, Kaunis Iron.