A Digital Twin for Condition Monitoring of Conveyor Belt Systems

Predge AB and LKAB are jointly developing an innovative solution for condition monitoring and health prediction of conveyor belt systems, called CoCoP. A digital twin is developed and validated to provide predictive decision support for operation and maintenance of conveyor belt system. The degradation of all critical components due to wear and tear including their […]


Predge and LKAB collaborate in a strategic digitalization project

Predge AB and LKAB have jointly applied for, and received, funding from *EIT RawMaterials to develop an innovative solution for condition monitoring and health prediction of Conveyor Belts. The project objective is to develop and validate an operational predictive decision support for operation and maintenance of conveyor belt systems realized on a digital platform and […]


In depth digitalization with LKAB

Predge thanks LKAB for renewed trust to help and support them in their digitization journey. Now, the focus is rail ore transport on level KUJ 1365. LKAB operates remote controlled trains carrying ore from vertical chute to crushing, after which the ore is hoisted with large ore lifts (skip) about 1400 meters vertically up to […]

Additional features for Rolling Stock™️

Our Rolling Stock™️ product site has now been updated with some new additional features. Read about our Automation feature – Automatic work orders which integrates with your maintenance system to create and manage work orders. On-Route Load Shifting is a Analytics feature with the purpose of detecting load movement on trains in operation. Ensuring high […]


Predge Rolling Stock™️ – Operative Center (OC)

Today, mere data generation and analytics are not enough to create actionable insights. Providing information to the right user at the right time with all the needed information for decision making renders true value from data and analytics. To this end, Predge has developed Operative Center. Track assets and conditions Operative Center is a Decision […]


Predge Rolling Stock™️ – Wheel Damage Prediction (WDP)

Wheel damages caused by rolling contact fatigue is a critical aspect in global railway operations. Due to the exponential growth of these damages, it is crucial to have reliable, up-to-date information to avoid the critical events these potential damages may cause.  The question is: how?   AI and machine learning By keeping track of each individual wheel’s condition, and having an estimated life length of […]


Introducing – Predge Rolling Stock™

Since the premiere launch a few years ago, we have had numerous successful implementations of our first solution, E365 Analytics. Over time, we have kept close to our customers to learn from their unique needs and experiences in the rolling stock industry. We are now taking the next step to meet the customer’s need for […]


Meet Predge at the 2020 Arema Virtual Conference & Expo

The annual AREMA Conference & Expo is one of the world’s largest gatherings for railway engineering professionals and companies. The 2020 expo will be held virtually September 13-17 due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Representatives from Predge will hold a presentation about damage prediction using way-side detectors. The annual AREMA Conference & Expo is one of […]


Wheel Profile Wear Prediction

Railway operators, wagon holders, and workshops around the world are now using a combination of data from wayside detectors, workshop measurement, and onboard systems to implement vehicle maintenance strategies and in turn increase safety, reliability, and availability of railway assets  by detecting and mitigating the effect of damages or worn assets. While current wheel profile […]