The team

The combination of academic and industrial understanding gives us the necessary tools to
innovations, which adds value for our customers and their customers. Meet our team members.

Simo Pykälistö


+46 703 51 53 03

Mr. Pykälistö has a long experience from different management roles involving Business strategies and Product management. Prior to joining Predge, he has worked as CEO at Sectra Communications AB and Executive vice president at Sectra AB.

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Mats Jonsson

Business Area Manager Scandinavia and Europe

Univ. College Degree
+46 703 280 100

Mr. Mats Jonsson has a background in managing industrial projects with a special focus on development projects supporting the steel industry's transition to new, sustainable solutions.

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Tommie Åkesson

Country Manager Australia

MSc Mechanical Engineering
+61 499 883 933

Mr. Tommie Åkesson is our Country Manager in Australia. Previously he worked as a Senior Project Manager at Business Sweden in Australia. At Business Sweden he helped Swedish businesses establish and expand in Oceania with a focus on business development and growth strategy.

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Wolfgang Birk


PhD, Professor
+46 725 390 909

Mr. Wolfgang Birk has a background from process control and estimation. He has worked with colleagues eg. developed system for driver fatigue warning (Volvo Cars Driver Alert) and active control of trucks used in EPIC split between two trucks (within Sentiente +).

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Jesper Westerberg


+46 706 878 691

Mr. Jesper Westerberg has an extensive knowledge in software development with a background within embedded systems. He’s passionate about development, football and learning new things. Don’t challenge him in a geography quiz, he can point out every country in Africa!

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Anton Groth


+46 708 786 970

Mr. Anton Groth has a background in the development of research systems. He holds an MSc in IT management and a BSc in behavioral analysis of IT environments. In his spare time, you might find Anton on a cross-country ski track, in the sauna, or at one of the great restaurants in Luleå.

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Vanessa Meulenberg

Analytics and Software

+46 76 140 23 92

Vanessa Meulenberg was born in South Africa and grew up in Tanzania. She completed her BSc in aeronautical engineering in The Netherlands and continued to Luleå Technical University to earn a Masters's degree in Composite Materials. Vanessa likes to play string instruments, such as guitar and banjo. She might also challenge her colleague Aron as the Predge Master of sourdough baking.

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Elias Small

Analytics and Software

+46 738 193 391

Mr. Elias Small has a mostly academic background where curiosity has led him to trying his hand at several subjects over the years. After graduating with an MSc in Space and Aeronautical Engineering at Luleå University of Technology he continued with a scholarship and further employment as a researcher in control theory at the university.

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Kamal Moloukbashi

Analytics and Software

+46 706 878 675

Mr. Kamal has studied Computer Science and Engineering at Luleå University of Technology. During his spare time he enjoys physical activities such as inline skating, cycling and weight lifting, and if he welcomes you for a dinner you might get his specialty beef chili.

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Aron Laurell Håkansson

Analytics and Software

+46 723 417 304

Mr. Aron Laurell Håkansson has studied Maintenance Engineering after his Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics. You might find Aron running in the woods with a map and compass after working hours. He also masters the art of making sourdough pi

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Johan Öhman

Analytics and Software

+46 72–509 43 49

Johan has a background as a researcher in experimental mechanics, which he also obtained a doctorate in. In addition to appreciating a really good quiz (he once competed in Vem vet mest), skiing is a large part of his free time in the winter, both downhill and cross country, while in the summer he likes to spend time on the golf course.

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Henrik Lindström


+46 706 878 609

Mr. Henrik Lindström holds a Masters's Degree in Engineering Physics from Lund University. Henrik spends his free time playing video games, disc golf, and reading books. Padel and climbing are in the plans. Challenge Henrik in ches, if you dare.

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Sumanth Ram

Railway Engineer

MSc Vehicle Engineering
+46 706 878 699

Mr. Sumanth Ram is a graduate from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, specialized on Railway Engineering. He has written his Master thesis, "Classification of wheel damages using wayside information," at Predge.

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Anton Nilsson


+46 706 878 692

Mr. Anton Nilsson has a background as a research engineer at Luleå University of Technology at the department of operation and maintenance. He has studied Computer Science and used to compete in the Swedish Paintball Championship.

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Daniel Olsson


Univ. College Degree
+46 706 878 606

Mr. Daniel Olsson has a background from the mining industry, planning and executing machine maintenance since 2008. In 2016 he graduated from University with a Higher Education Diploma with specialization in Computer Engineering.

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Joakim Lindström


+46 705 489 480

Mr. Joakim Lindström has a BSc in Digital Service Development from Luleå University of Technology. During winter he likes to go snowboarding as often as he can and in the evenings you might hear him playing ukulele or guitar.

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Johan Öhlund


+46 706 908 149

Mr Johan Öhlund holds a Masters Degree in Compter Science and spends his spare time on golf courses in the summer and on cross-country ski tracks in the winter. You might also see him performing somersaults on the trampoline

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David Viklund


+46 706 878 603

Mr. David Viklund holds a BSc degree in Digital ServiceDevelopment from the Luleå University of Technology. He enjoys outdoor life, preferably with a fishing rod in his hand or indoors with a videogame controller within reach. David has a unique set of geography skills and might challenge Jesper in that area.

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Tommy Andersson


+46 706 878 605

Mr. Tommy Andersson holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the Luleå University of Technology. Tommy spends a lot of time hanging out with friends, playing video games, and lifting weights in the gym. As a musical wizard, he is the "go-to man" if you want to have a song written for a specific occasion.

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Marika Eklund


+46 706 009 950

Mrs. Marika Eklund has a background as a secretary and has been self-employed for many years as a certified Massage therapist. She loves to play Padel and to travel with friends and family, she also likes to go and see a hockey or basketball game!

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Advisors & Experts

Our team of experts gives us a secure knowledge base in terms of both technology application
and the ability to create healthy business for our customers

Anders Dalstål

Market & Business Analysis

+46 706 415 188

Mr. Anders Dalstål's is co-founder of Predge and his passion is to create and develop concepts that boost customers business. Anders holds a Masters degree i Civil Engineering and has extensive experience from several management positions in international industry companies - LKAB, Boliden, Ericsson, BPA, K-konsult and Vattenfall.

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Mats Eklund

Business Development


Mr. Mats Eklund holds a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and is a huge sports fan – ice hockey, basketball and Formula One. When he is not at the office, you’ll probably find him on a pair of skis or with a fishing rod in his hands.

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Ramin Karim

eMaintenance and Industrial AI

PhD, Professor
+46 705 239 999

Mr. Ramin Karim is the founder of Predge (formerly known as eMaintenance365) and has a background in industrial AI. He is also a professor at Luleå University of Technology.

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Uday Kumar

Operation & Maintenance

PhD, Professor

Mr. Uday Kumar has extensive experience in the field of Operation and Maintenance. He has structured and developed Lulea Railway Research Center with strategic Research and Innovation focus on maintenance of Railway System and industrial applications.

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Board of directors

Our owners and steering board consists of individuals with extensive knowledge and experiences
from academia and industry.

Lars-Eric Aaro


MSc, Dr h.c.
+46 706 560 066

Mr. Lars-Eric Aaro has a long career in the international process industry with executive roles from LKAB, Boliden, Outokumpu and Epiroc. He is an honorary doctorate at Luleå University of Technology and is also a great ice skater.

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Andreas Pennervall

Board Member

MSc in Business Administration
+46 705 099 147

Mr. Andreas Pennervall has long experience in investing in high-tech companies. Since 2019, he is an Investment Director at Fairpoint Capital AB, a venture capital fund. Prior to that he worked 18 years within SEB, mainly as Investment Manager at SEB Venture Capital.

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Lina Ådin

Board member


Ms. Lina Ådin holds a Master of Science in Engineering, an M.B.A. and has a background from auditing at KPMG in Luxemburg. Since 2013, she is the Vice President at the investment company Treac AB.

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