Predge AB and HOSCH Group agreed to cooperate in accelerating Conveyor Belt Digitalisation

Predge has just started the launch of data analysis services within Conveyor belt systems, giving customers the opportunity to work with predictive maintenance. Together with HOSCH –world leader in Conveyor cleaning systems – Predge have agreed to cooperate in accelerating digital solutions for Conveyor Belt Monitoring. 

Successful digitalisation is interdisciplinary. Without data science, most value of data remains hidden. Without advanced knowledge in a specific field, data science can easily fail to create meaningful value. One requires the other – that’s why respected expertise from Predge and HOSCH will join forces to cooperate in developing digital solutions for Conveyor Belt Monitoring. 

“Cooperating with Predge will allow us to develop edge data science and predictive analytics for our customers and partners.! It will bring HOSCHiris to a new level. We stay focused on delivering the best-in-class products and services to our clients in both, mechanical and digital applications” says Dirk Heidhues, Managing Director at HOSCH Group 

Predge is an established player in Scandinavia for edge data science and predictive analytics in industrial digitalisation. This cooperation will generate additional insights, enabling Predge to expand, both in market reach and feature development. 

“To be able to offer customers the best solution, we need access to data from various sources, such as maintenance measures and IoT monitoring solutions. By adding data sources from HOSCH digital data portfolio, we will be able to offer world-class data analytics tools for predictive maintenance, boosting customer value of the Predge Conveyor solution” says Simo Pykälistö, CEO at Predge.